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Peoria Self-Directed IRA


In the rare circumstance a client cannot qualify for their own Self-Directed 401(k) plan, we then utilize a Self-Directed IRA as a way for them to still accomplish their investment goals.

If an individual is an owner of a company or companies where control group rules apply, there may be partners or employees that disqualify, or otherwise hinder, the individual's ability to own a Self-Directed 401(k).

Additionally, individuals looking to consolidate or transfer a beneficiary IRA or a ROTH IRA into an individual 401(k) plan will find that this is specifically disallowed by the IRS.

In these circumstances we offer a checkbook controlled Self-Directed IRA package that allows many of the same investment opportunites you will find in a Self-Directed 401(k) plan.

We analyze and interview all self-directed custodians available and utilize only those who have the lowest fees and highest quality of services.

Keep in mind that there are specific tax issues that occur when owning leveraged assets in your IRA.

See our FAQs page for more information or feel free to give us a call for a free consultation.

What Can I Do With A Self-Directed IRA?

With a Self-Directed IRA you can:

  • Use a Self-Directed IRA LLC to purchase both nontraditional (real estate, foreign properties, mortgage notes, etc.) and traditional (stocks, bonds, etc.) investments


  • Purchase foreclosed properties and tax liens on the spot, or make personal loans to qualified parties by simply writing a check


  • Buy and sell investment real estate including, domestic, foreign, commerical, residential, and rental properties and realize the profits tax deferred into your retirement account.


  • When owning rental properties as a Self-Directed IRA investment you can be your own property manager, saving money in upkeep expenses- Just remember you cannot receive compensation for these services.


  • Buy your retirement home now at today's prices, rent it out, and then occupy it when you take your IRA distribution. Ask about our advanced tax strategies that can allow you to distribute the property to you- income tax free!